Vintage Throws & Blankets November 25, 2017 14:38

The beautiful colors and weaves we find in vintage afghans, throws and blankets are a work of art. I keep a stash of them in a basket (vintage of course) in my family room. I love how everyone grabs one out of the basket to watch football on a chilly afternoon, or an evening of Christmas movies. The perfect piece for a hostess gift, or just the original gift you give anyone. Vintage AVOCA Handwoven Mohair Throw



The Vintage Gallery Wall September 27, 2017 12:53

Best way to create an focal point in an otherwise boring space (think boring hallway for example!) is to create a gallery wall. Start simple and add select pieces. Often when we buy pieces, we envision them being hung in a gallery wall grouping.

What is genius but the power of expressing a new individuality? (Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

She said it well!

A few of the many treasures at Vintage Swag Chics

A few of our treasures!


Modern Vintage September 09, 2017 09:04

Vintage doesn't need to be costume. Sure there are vintage collectors who dress true to the period. But for most, that isn't their style. Vintage pieces mixed with modern pieces, shoes, accessories, pared with skinny jeans. How about a vintage cropped wide leg pant - the "gaucho". Paired with modern top and booties the gauchos look completely current. These have such a great print and fit - this is vintage at its best!



The Draw of Vintage January 25, 2017 16:42

It is sometimes the shape, sometimes the designer - but it is always the fabric, the texture or the pattern or print of the piece that often captures our heart. An iconic fabric on a garment makes a statement all on its own. Sure there are reproductions, but they nearly always are just that.....a secondary attempt to capture that vibe we love from the original decade. Butterflies to plaid and in between

Sourcing Vintage Accessories for your project March 21, 2016 13:34

Recently we received an inquiry concerning vintage accessories. A hospitality design group was looking for finishing touches.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to add vintage to Hotel Indigo in Austin, Texas.

Vintage beer steins to line shelves in a bar along with music themed accessories seem right at home in Austin. We created several of the accessories and sourced an incredible vintage record console.

Check out some of our images of our project!

Have a project? Email:

Delivering the completed order!

School Days! August 19, 2013 09:11

Ah school - the anticipation, the excitement, the nervousness...... 

The morning rush! 

Remember the lunchbox decision. Pick the wrong one and your cool factor went way down. Pick the right one and be the envy of the lunch table. 

Definitely the cool pick.......

And like always.....recess is still the best!

70s Revisited August 16, 2013 07:26

It is amazing how many influences there were on the clothing of the 70s. Pattern and color was being used in combinations that were fun and creative. Shapes varied from tight and short to loose and long. The maxi and the mini were both hitting the runway. Not unlike the styles of today! 

The 70s is a fun period for us to collect. We look for great patterns and colors that really speak to the period. How you wear them is what updates the look - a modern belt, the shoes you select, add a current sweater or jacket and you have a totally updated vintage look. Perfect for today's street style!

 70s Caftan with Asian influences. Amazing combination of color and pattern. 

 Pattern and Color. Total 70s 

Upcycle and Living Green August 01, 2013 19:19

There is so much attention given to living green and upcycling. Sometimes the best reason to upcycle is to preserve a memory. Living with vintage doesn't always mean setting something in a china cabinet to admire. 

Consider this credenza. Once built by a grandfather to use as a workbench in the garage, this piece was built with cast off mismatched pieces of wood. Now cleaned, strengthened and repurposed as a media center. Everyday use of a great vintage piece. 


Or how about a wine barrel, left over from the days the grandfather made his homemade wine. Now repurposed into a side table. 

Repurposing allows us to remember someone special everyday in a meaningful way. 

Decorative accents of Vintage June 17, 2013 08:01

 More and more non vintage stores are adding vintage sections. What can we say.....vintage has become trendy? The great thing about vintage is it has a really wide range of styles and genres. What sparks someone's emotion and begins a collection is completely personal. A color can be the beginning of a collection - all things white, blue and white, or green. Sometimes it is a time period or a type of material. Whatever sparks you - run with it and have fun searching and collecting. We love when people live with their collections - have them accessible and incorporated into their everyday things.

Loving this amazing collection of pottery planters. Love the variation of colors and patterns. The height of the vintage crock really pulls it together. LOVE!







A Shift in The Wardrobe May 08, 2013 07:27

 The more we focus on finding great vintage items, the more we realize good pieces are truly timeless. The shift dress's creation is credited officially to Hubert de Givenchy. Remember the one he made for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's? 

That was in 1961. And the shift has never gone away. Lily Pulitzer and her lemonade stand made a huge splash with her shifts. Bright and fun patterns designed to hide all the spills of her lemonade stand soon became a staple in everyone's closet. Her classic style continues as the Lily Pulitzer brand continues creating the popular shift. 

We love the shift too and its' timeless style. 

This is a 60s Shift from Stacy Ames - great coral, pinks on a linen weave fabric with a deep olive ground. Simple notched collar and zip back. A classic!

Have you noticed the latest trend in fashion? March 25, 2013 08:34

Everywhere we's catalogs.....all are about VINTAGE!  From Neimans to Nordstrom the catalogs all feature "vintage" in the descriptions of clothing and accessories. From Vogue to Elle they are showing Vintage!

Magazines are featuring "Vintage" in terms of describing a look or showing you how to incorporate Vintage into your own look. 

 -     Our own 40s Dress! 

Living Vintage #2 January 21, 2013 21:27

When you buy a vintage tray - is it only to be a tray? Or a box or a footed vase - think of vintage as a way to be original, find a new use to make vintage work in our everyday life. 

Live with vintage......don't think of vintage as sitting in a china cabinet in a dusty corner.......think of it in the same way you would if you were buying modern.  Need something to hold swatches or paint chips?  How about a great piece of vintage glass. 

Business card storage? How about a great box or a tin......

Need a little extra light at a desk area? Make it have character - use a boudoir lamp on your desk. 

You might just feel like sitting at your desk again! 

Check out this desk. This is living vintage right!


Living Vintage #1 January 16, 2013 13:01

 How does one live Vintage? 

Living vintage doesn't mean tossing out everything and only living with vintage items. Vintage is a great way to express your individual taste and style, set yourself apart from the mass produced "looks" in every mall, shopping center and large store. 

Living vintage is finding items that inspire you - a color, a pattern, a style, a period of time, a moment in a book or history..........

We hope to inspire you to create your own vintage living. 

A vintage tray, a sugar bowl a eclectic collection of pottery usefully gathered near the coffee maker -  Makes the morning rush a bit warmer and sweeter!

Vintage Tweeting! November 30, 2012 20:05

 Ok, at Vintage Duds and Decor, we freely admit to sometimes being pack rats. We have spent years collecting, buying, trading our collections. 

Every once and a while we find an item which amuses us and delights us and reminds us the joy in having collections and keepsakes. 

Who knew a simple bit of poetry would be so forward thinking? 

We believe this was the first true "Tweet"!!


Let the Vintage Begin! August 02, 2012 22:25

We have launched! And already had our first sale within moments of activating the site. And we love that our customer sent us a photo of her treasure!



She purchased the round Gregorian Copper plate and it is a beautiful part of her copper collection. 

Everyday we are adding new treasures. Perhaps you will find the perfect addition to your collection.......or inspiration for beginning a collection. The fun is in the find !