Mid Century Small Pitcher and Footed Condiment Bowl Set


 Black and White pottery never looked better. Two great footed white bowls with black lids slotted to allow a spoon coupled with a small pitcher - perfect for sauces. Or use as cream pitcher and sugar bowls - so many sugar choices, you may need 2 sugar bowls!

 Pitcher is marked USA 984.  Circa 40's - 50's.

 Not sure of maker - USA doesn't designate a maker, starting around WWI many makers began stamping USA on their pieces in a patriotic gesture. After WWII when the government required country of origins to be marked, many USA makers stopped using the mark as they assumed the buyer would know if it wasn't marked it was made in the USA. Most pottery makers only marked their decorative pieces and did not mark the everyday use pieces. 

Pitcher - 5" tall x 2 1/2" approx. diameter

Condiment bowls - 3" tall x  3 1/2" diameter

All three pieces in excellent condition. 


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