Vintage Child Figurine "Boy with Cap"


We love these precious figurines. Each one has a different personality. Made in Japan, this figurine was a give away for Polly Parrot children's shoes. 

Paul Parrot had a shoe company for many years and in 1925 decided to manufacture children’s shoes under the name Poll Parrot Shoes. Poll parrot was an endearing term used for many years in regards to parrots (a version of Polly Parrot). The new shoe company was in strong competition with Buster Brown Shoes. Since the man's last name was Parrot, it was a no-brainer to use a parrot for his shoe logo. 

In 1947, the Poll Parrot Shoe Company started to sponsor the very popular children's show The Howdy Doody Show on NBC TV. The Poll Parrot was often used in advertising and promotion. 

Stampd : Japan on bottom and Poll Parrot Shoes on his back. 

He stands a diminutive 3" tall but carries a much larger endearment to us!

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