Vintage Mid Century Metal Tray


Aluminum giftware for the home became fashionable during the 1930s, at a time when most Americans could not afford luxury metals like silver.  One of the most prolific manufacturers of aluminum giftware was Everlast Metal Products Corporation of New York City.

Two immigrant metalworkers started the Everlast company.  Brothers-in-law Louis Schnitzer and Nathan Gelfman had both been experienced metalworkers in their homeland of Kiev, Russia.  In the early 1920s, they were polishing and plating silver at their silver housewares business in New York City called Western Silver Works, Inc.  In 1930, Schnitzer and Gelfman began producing silver- and chrome-plated items under the name Western Silver Novelty Company.

As the Great Depression gripped the country during the 1930s, the demand for consumer products fell as many people struggled just to get by in the faltering economy.  With few buyers for silver products, Schnitzer and Gelfman decided to try working with the more affordable and modern metal, aluminum.  In 1932, the men formed Everlast Metal Products Corporation and began producing high quality hand-forged aluminum giftware/

We love the shape and size of this tray and the pine bough and pine cone motif. Measures 20 1/4" x 8 1/4" x 1/2" 


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